C.O.D. Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter

September 2, 2008

September Newsletter

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C.O.D. Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter

September 2008

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Fall semester! Classes are underway and now that we’ve returned from the Labor Day holiday, we can truly say that we’re solidly in Fall (even though it’s 90 degrees and humid as I write this!).

I want to thank you all for giving me your attention and taking time out of your schedules during the Part-Time Faculty meetings I attended two weeks ago. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to you all.

Since there’s such a short period of time between this newsletter and the August edition, I’ll keep things short and sweet. I hope you’ll check out this month’s featured internet resource– The Beehive (www.beehive.org). I hope to bring a new tool or online resource to your attention each month. If you have one you’d like to share with the ABE/GED/ESL colleagues, please send it my way: kelleyj@cod.edu

If you’re a blog reader, you may have already spotted my instruction post “How to Book a Librarian“. If you’re relying on the email updates, stop by http://www.codlibraryell.wordpress.com and read my tips for scheduling a library visit, see electronic version of this newsletter, and check out some additional ABE/GED/ESL resources!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable September.


Latest Resources: will return in October

Don’t forget to send me your purchase requests! I know you’ve resources– books, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs– to which you wish you had access! Send recommendations my way and I’ll try to get them for the Library. We’ll even notify you when they’re available!

Resource of the Month

The Beehive (www.beehive.org) is a portal to life-long learning tools and resources.  The homepage links users to categories such as money, health, school, careers, legal/immigration and more.  The site offers practical how-to information on topics like internet safety, starting a business and finding tax help.  My favorite part of The Beehive is that you can customize it to your region.  There are 9 Chicago-area regions, providing location specific resources for users.

Your Librarian

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E-mail: kelleyj@cod.edu
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