C.O.D. Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter

November 3, 2008

November Newsletter

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C.O.D. Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter

November 2008

Learning Styles

Recently I somehow managed to find a few free hours to devote to online “house cleaning”, time I used to make sure links on my resource guides are still live and pointing where I want them to and time to update some of the many handouts I have available through these resource guides.

Having handouts available on a website might seem redundant– why provide Word files to documents that can so easily be reproduced on the Web? I’m definitely a digital creature with environmental leanings, so creating handouts and making them available is not something that comes to me naturally! But there are definitely times when a paper print-out is preferable to a digital display.

Revising these handouts made me think about why some people prefer to have a page in hand or a tangible take-away and turned my thoughts to learning styles and teaching styles. I haven’t done a lot of research in this area, but I’ve definitely taken some time to think about it. I’ve shared my reflections on the topic in a short post called How Do We Learn in the Newsletter’s blog.

Let me know what you think and share you own experiences in accommodating different learning styles and adjusting your own teaching styles!

Resource of the Month

According to Word Spy, this site is “devoted to lexpionage, the sleuthing of new words and phrases.”  Terms that appear on the page have already begun to crop up in magazines, newspapers, websites and other recorders of current events.  The words are a great insight into contemporary pre-occupations and offer useful jumping off points for discussions about current events, slang and how language evolves for our needs.

Some recent entries, such as recession chic, carborexia and trashout, reflect how writers are discussing the nation’s economic troubles.

Word Spy is a fun and informative website for anyone interested in words and language.

Latest Resources:  ESL

The St. Martin’s handbook Author: Andrea Lunsford
Call Number: PE1112 .L86 2008

Conversations for work Author: Ellen E. Vacco
Call Number: PE1127.W65 V32 2007

That’s Life:  Day to Day Stories and Language Activities Author: Ann Gianola
Call Number: PE1126.N43 .G494 2008

ESL toolkit
Call Number: PE1128 .E758 2006

Latest Resources:  ABE/GED

More than a Job Author: John Gordon
Call Number: PE1127.W65 M67 1991
Health Stories  Author: Ann Gianoloa
Call Number: PE1127.M4 G531 2007


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