C.O.D. Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter

April 2, 2009

April Newsletter

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C.O.D. Library ESL/ABE/GED Faculty Newsletter

April 2009

Speaking of Speaking

March was clearly pronunciation month and I celebrated by compiling quite a few lists of Library materials that we have, that I recommend, that I wonder why we have, and that I wonder why we don’t have.  I had several requests from instructors for phonics resources, speaking skills books, A/V materials for pronunciation, and the like.  Unfortunately, a lot of what we have are in formats that a lot of our students look at and say “what is this?”

That might be an exaggeration– students do know what audio cassettes and VHS tapes are, but chances are they don’t have the tape players and VCRs to use them (although, in one instance, I was with a student when we found a slide carousel in a box on the shelf and she literally had no idea what it was!).  With budget constraints the way they are, I don’t have much hope of updating our A/V materials this semester, but I am keeping a running list of replacements and wish list items for next year!

While pronunciation materials might be the focus of our ESL students, speaking skills resources might be of interest to some of our adult learners.  Speaking skills books and videos hit on everything from overcoming shyness and insecurity to organizing speeches and wowing your audience with captivating presentations.  Returning students can use these resources to help gain the confidence they need to succeed in the classroom as well as in real life situations.

ESL/ABE/GED Speaking Skills & Pronunciation Resources

Conquering Communication Anxiety (DVD)
Author: Jessica Stowell
Call #:
PN4088 .S833 no.2 2005

10 simple solutions to shyness : How to overcome shyness, social anxiety & fear of public speaking
Author: Martin M. Antony
Call #: BF575.B3 A577 2004

Speaking to be understood : English as a first or second language
Author: Lillian Brown

Call #: PN4129.15 .B76 2003

Presentation skills : The essential guide for students
Author: Patsy McCarthy and Caroline Hatcher
Call#: PN4121 .M22 2002

Public speaking in a second language : Fear not (DVD)
Author: Susan Steinbach
Call #:
PN4129.15 .P83 2006

Sounds and rhythm : a pronunciation course (book w. cassettes)
Author: W.D. Sheeler, R.W. Markley
Call #: PE1137 .S37 1991

Perfect English pronunciation (VHS)
Author: produced by Donald W. Novey and Eilleen
Call #: PE1137 .P4 1991

Pronunciation power (book w. CD-ROM)
Call #: PE1137 .P76 2000

Pronounce it perfectly in English (CD)
Author: Jean Yates
Call #: PE1137 .Y384 2005

English pronunciation made simple
Author: Paulette Dale, Lillian Poms
Call #: PE1137 .D34 2005

Pronunciation plus  (CD)
Martin Hewings, Sharon Goldstein
Call #: PE1137 .H44 2001

Clear speech from the start : basic pronunciation and listen (CD)
Judy B. Gilbert
PE1128 .G5183 2001

Resource of the Month

ELLLO stands for English Language Learning Lab Online, an interactive website where students can hone their skills by listening to natural conversations spoken with a wide variety of accents– American and international. Audio files are accompanied by images, an interactive quiz, transcripts and downloadable MP3.

In addition to the over 900 (and growing) interview-conversations, ELLLO features regular updates of at least 5 new activities a week, listening games which “help students listen for gist”, a Newscenter which “can help students learn academic English and develop test taking skills for standardized listening tests”, and songs with lyrics by independent artists.

Elllo is fun, easy to use and contemporary– the activities, images and topics are geared toward college-aged students. The site is the work of a full-time English teacher in Japan and clearly reflects his dedication to developing listening and comprehension skills in students.


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