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May 28, 2009

LessonWriter makes literacy worksheets a cinch

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LessonWriter is a free online lesson plan/exercise creator.  Users can go in, whip up a reading activity in very little time and print it out for immediate use.  With the short time it takes to complete the short registration process, users can also save lesson plans, organize them by course and even receive recommendations from LessonWriter on what activities to create next!

Steps involve copying and pasting your lesson text into LessonWriter.  A free account allows text up to 400 words.  Click “Submit” and LessonWriter pulls dozens of potential vocabulary words from the provided text along with short sample sentences of the words in use.  You go through and select or deselect your vocabulary preferences.  The same procedure allows you to customize selected pronunciation, roots and stems and grammar; design  short answer, multiple choice or essay questions; and even add images or graphic organizers to your lesson sheet.

When you’ve made all of these initial decisions, LessonWriter gives you several “Accommodation Options”, allowing you to determine whether you want, for example, vocabulary to appear before or after the short reading.

The final result is a printable, professional-looking worksheet that you quickly, easily customized for your students.

Check out LessonWriter– I think it’s an impressive and easy-to-use tool.  And it’s free!


an example of vocabulary questions developed by Lesson Writer


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