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August 4, 2009

Fall Library Orientations

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Want your students to get an introduction to the Library, but don’t have time in the semester to schedule a class visit? Encourage your students to attend a free 50-minute Library Orientation! The Library will be offering these basic introductory sessions Mondays through Saturdays between August 31 and September 14– morning, afternoon and evening.

Students will learn:

  • How the Library can help them find information– any information!
  • How to find books, videos, CDs and more in the Library’s collection
  • What to do when what you want isn’t in the Library
  • How to get a Library card and the benefits of having one
  • Where to look for articles from magazines, journals and newspapers
  • How to evaluate a website
  • How to use the Library’s website to get information, answers and help

If you’d like to offer your students extra-credit for attendance, we will be issuing certificates of completion at the end of each session. Students can also register for a gift certificate to the Bookstore and enjoy free cookies!

Students can register in-person at the Reference Desk, by phone (630) 942-3364, or online at http://services.codlibrary.org/emailpage/orientation.php

Sessions are geared toward traditional students, but will surely benefit higher-level ESL students as well as ABE and GED students looking to familiarize themselves with Library services.


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